Turning Point

Turning Point 


You may have been asking yourself lately – what has become of Princess Peach?  Why have her tragic loves tales come to a halt?  I received a few messages during this time of silence, some of you wondered if I’d given up on writing.  Others wondered if I’d gotten myself into a relationship in which my shenanigans had been traded in for mundane sexlessness.

Rest assured my friends, the tragic loves tales have not halted nor have I settled down into a relationship that has become mundane and sexless – fuck that.  My last post was bittersweet and pretty damn depressing, I’ll admit it. But we all visit the dark place from time to time, and my outlet for dealing with that shit is this blog.  Aren’t you all so lucky!

Things have been looking up since then, thank Christ.  I went through a dark period filled with shame and doubt about myself, my life, my job, my parenting and everything that I had sacrificed to pursue a dream that might’ve never come to fruition.  It was some really heavy shit, I’m not gonna lie.  But after a few emotional break downs and some really deep breaths, I was ready to stand back up and fight some more.

A couple of months ago, I got on a plane and went up north to a place where the skies and bright blue and -12 doesn’t actually feel cold.  I’ve always felt a connection to the north that’s difficult to describe, but it’s been beckoning to me and I couldn’t ignore it’s call.

They say that things always happen for a reason, and I’m absolutely certain that this is true.  Within the 48 hours that I spent up there, I was offered the job of my dreams – a dream that I had come dangerously close to giving up on during my time of sadness and self doubt.  I never should’ve questioned myself in the first place – Princess Peach always pulls through.

I set into the motions of packing boxes, making phone calls and arrangements – all of the pain in the ass things you have to do when you decide to leave town.  Nervous and excited, I knew it was time for a new Chapter in my life.

While this was going on, you know as well as I do that I needed an outlet to release all the stress.  So I assessed the situation: I had recently had my heart ripped out of my chest, I was about to leave town and I had no intention of long distance dating.  The only obvious solution here was to find a casual partner to enjoy for the last few weeks of my life in Victoria, which is exactly what I did.

You see, there was this guy – let’s call him Linkin – who had been barking up my tree for about a month, suggesting that he wanted a taste of the Peach.  I had been out with him and some friends already, and knew that he wanted me bad, but I was hesitant for a few good reasons.  Firstly, I don’t know how to say this without sounding egotistical, but the truth is that I’m out of Linkin’s league.  He’s a Mom and Pop, I’m a Corporation – you know?  Just kidding.  I hope you got that reference, though.

Okay, okay, hear me out.  I realize that nobody is out of anybody’s league, but Linkin embodies a number of qualities that would turn most women off if they weren’t able to overlook it and that’s all I’m going to say.  He’s a cute guy and definitely not bad looking by any means, with a really hot body and tattoos.  So I mean… that’s all you can ask for in a casual sex partner – no?

Basically, Linkin asked me if I wanted to come over one afternoon, and I told him that I would, if we could snuggle up in his bed.  He had no objections to this, and so it was on.  I showed up at his place and he led me to his bedroom, where we took off our pants and socks then climbed into his bed together.

Here’s the thing, for a lot of people this would feel like a really awkward situation to find themselves in.  For me, this is just what I do – I break down the barriers of discomfort within moments of being with someone.  People feel comfortable around me and I’ve had many lovers comment that I feel like a safe place for them, which is exactly what I want to be.  The older that I get, the more I feel that sex can be about love even when you aren’t in love.  Sometimes it’s actually easier to give love to a person that you’re not in love with.

I started by slowly running my fingers along his skin, scratching along his arm and his back, leading up to his neck and through his hair.  Running my fingers along his back to his sides, I noticed how toned he actually is, and it took me by surprise.  I love all the little details of a person.

He reached his hand underneath my t-shirt to discover I had gone braless, his fingers running along my nipple sending a shock wave down my spine.  I told him how one of my nipples is “the spot” for me, and he began to rub it and tease it while I sighed in his ear, his face pressed against mine.  He reached between my legs with his other hand, and suddenly his fingertips were on me, circling my clit in a light, teasing motion.

What took me by surprise was how he immediately knew how to press all my buttons.  I remember laying back, exhaling deeply while his fingertip navigated in circles around my clit, electricity running through my veins while ever part of my desire awoke.  I rocked my hips against his hand when he slid his fingers deep inside of me and it was only then that I noticed how wet I had become.  Not even kidding, it’s going to be hard to write about this entire experiencing without taking a few masturbation breaks.

Linkin knew exactly what he was doing in the bedroom.  The man had either perfected his sexual game with his previous partners, or he had watched copious amounts of pornography and actually picked up on what was good and what was bad.  Since I already knew that I was his first partner in over a year, I suspected the latter.

It didn’t take long before I could feel myself cumming between his fingers, and while I was trying to stroke his cock, I was finding it incredibly difficult to do while I was jirating against him.  I turned my body and angled myself on the bed to take his cock deep into my throat, swishing and swirling my tongue around him while he started groaning.  There are few things that get me more excited than a man who is deep into his pleasure with me, and Linkin was definitely there.

I could hear the crinkling sound of a condom wrapper and I knew what was coming next (no pun intended).  The excitement rose up within me because at this point my expectations were pretty high.  In a moment, he was sliding himself inside of me, pushing himself in deeper with every stroke.  I could hear my voice let out a whimper, then suddenly everything went white and my body curled into his while a wave literally washed over me and covered his cock.  It’s hard to describe what happens when you find someone whose body matches yours so well that the sex is just fucking amazing from the start.  There was no test run required, we were off to the races.

From that day forward, we were finding ways to fuck each other at least once every few days or so.  With the fact that I was leaving town looming over us, we both felt the pressure to nail each other as many times as possible and it was amazing.

Guys, I know I’ve written about this before but here is your refresher: if you take the time to focus on a woman’s pleasure and treat her as though her every desire is your command, there is a much higher probability that she will feel open to doing new things with you.  A woman feels the happiest and most relaxed in the bedroom when she knows that no matter what happens, she’s going to get off multiple times and you won’t stop until she does.  And if you haven’t guessed already, what I’m talking about in this case is anal sex.

You see, Linkin had never put his cock in a woman’s asshole, and I wanted to change that for him.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I really really fucking love anal sex, but only when it’s done right.  Doing it right means taking it slow to start, listening to the word “stop”, using a lot of lube and not being afraid of the potential to get a little dirty.  I mean, if you want to fuck an asshole, you should consider that there is a possibility that your cock will encounter feces if you don’t plan ahead.  If you’re prepared to face that reality, then anal sex is no problem.

So one day while Linkin was fucking me from behind, he did something that very few men are physically able to do, but when it happens… oh my god.  He squatted down on me, taking me as deep as possible, while reaching around with his right hand, grabbing my breast and circling my nipple with his fingers.  I started crying out while I felt the tension building inside of me, and suddenly his mouth was on mine and he was kissing me while I came all over his cock, his fingers squeeing and tugging at my nipple.

I grabbed the strategically placed bottle of lube nearby and started stroking it onto him, explaining that he was going to be putting his cock into my asshole, but that he must take it slow and listen to my signals to get started.  He happily agreed and proceeded to push the tip of his cock against my ass, and for the first time he realized that cocks don’t just slide right into assholes that aren’t fucked on a regular basis.  It took a number of tries before he was able to inch in the tip, and like an obedient man he took it slow, which is exactly what needs to be done in order for the experience to be pleasurable.  I want orgasms, not rectal tears.

Once he was able to inch his way inside, he slowly started sliding himself in and out of my asshole, gasping and moaning while the tension started building within me again.  I reached down and started playing with my clit while he started feeling more comfortable with how much thrust he could give me.  The closer I came to orgasm, the harder he could slap his cock in and out of my ass and it felt so fucking incredible.  I cried his name over and over while he fucked me and something inside of me felt like it had been ignited.

Suddenly, his body was thrusting and shaking, his cock pushing deep inside of me while he came.  He reached down to me and stroked the side of my arm, his breath heavy while he asked “feel good?”  I smiled up at him “yeah, so good.  You?”  With his eyes closed and a goofy grin on his face he replied “beyond.”

There was no doubt about it, the sex was absolutely top notch.  I would definitely put the sex into my top 10, hands down.  On the other hand, when we weren’t having sex, the chemistry was absent.  I never felt like he wanted to touch me, kiss me or show any kind of romance toward me.  In my mind, what we had was about sexual gratification and I wanted to leave it that way.

Leaving him behind was hard, but I had my own journey to continue on.  I was closing a chapter of my life that has been filled with moments of laughter, disappointment, anger, pleasure and everything else in between.  I was leaving the island that I had lived on for 31 years and taking a chance by doing it.

Of course, Linkin has reached out to me a number of times since I left Victoria.  The most recent times have been an affirmation to me that it was something that had a time and a place and it ran its course.  Sometimes when you intend to start something casual that has no emotional hold on you, it’s best just to stick to that plan and not feel compelled to make it about anything else.

Now here I am, out in a place full of wilderness with no idea what life will bring next.  I’m trying to give myself a fresh slate to start over new and try things differently.  I’m not sure what that means yet, but I do know that I have zero intention to have casual sex anytime soon.  I’m fucked out again.  Wanting to feast on something more substantial, something that will actually fill the void.  And this time I don’t think it will have anything to do with sex.

Until next time…


xoxo Peach




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