Another Round

A note to the Readers: If you haven’t already, please read “The Vagina Chronicles Volume 51: Sexy Flanders” before reading this post, or you may be left with more questions than answers ūüôā


Another Round 


Remember that time that I said that I wasn’t going to sleep with Sexy Flanders again? ¬†I’d like to rewind back to that moment, because what I should have said is that I would likely get nailed by him at least a few more times. ¬†In my experience, when two people have amazing sex together, it’s really hard to say “no” when the opportunity arises again. ¬†As I explained in my previous post, I felt like there was something missing in it for me when I was with him, and I knew exactly what it was. ¬†I craved the intimacy of having sex, followed by spending time together doing other things, like watching movies or cooking dinner. ¬†When Sexy Flanders and I hang out, it’s strictly about the sex and nothing else. ¬†We get along well enough, and share a few laughs together, but there isn’t much time spent getting to know each other outside of that. ¬†To a lot of people, this might sound like a very cold and unsettling relationship. ¬†But for people like Flanders and I, these kind of relationships can be the most comforting.

You see, I don’t know a lot of things about Sexy Flanders, but I do know that he enjoys fucking me just as much as I enjoy fucking him. ¬†Which means that I can depend on the fact that when I see him, the sex is going to be top notch. ¬†We’re both very present during sex, which means that we can respond to each other based on what we know the other person wants. ¬†Or maybe it’s because we both have a naughty cum fetish that we like to explore when we play together.

In any case, I think you can probably guess where this is headed. ¬†Earlier this week Flanders and I were texting when things took a turn, and it went something like this…

Flanders: Mmmm it’s like you can read my mind (in reference to a previous message about cum gushing out of my pussy)

Peach: Because it’s cum play

Flanders: Our fave ūüėõ

Flanders: Sucks I could only cum once last time. ¬†I really enjoyed giving you extra orgasms though ūüėČ

Peach: Mmmm I think I enjoyed it more

Flanders: Wow just felt my cock and it’s soaked ūüėõ I think you’re turning me on

Peach: Ruh roh

Peach: You were all like “my sex drive has dropped wah wah”

Flanders: Yeah well maybe it needed a spark.

Ah yes, Flanders had been citing earlier in the conversation that his sex drive seemed to have dropped lately. ¬†It had been weeks since we last saw each other, and this is a bad time of year for Flanders for multiple reasons which I don’t even know the details of. ¬†And now I had awakened his cock and he was once again the horny little beast that loves to play with the Peach. ¬†And next thing you know, Flanders and I were making plans for him to come over within the hour.

I’m going to set the scene for you: it’s the middle of a cold grey afternoon in which I have the entire house to myself. ¬†I have almost an hour to prepare myself for what is sure to be some mind blowing sex, and I’ve left the door unlocked so he can let himself in. ¬†What’s a girl to do?

  1. Get extremely baked, because sex is always better when I’m high
  2. Get in the shower and soap down every inch of my body
  3. Shave my pussy bare
  4. Go through my closet and find a sexy purple fishnet body suit that I haven’t worn yet – put it on. ¬†There’s a hole in crotch for perfect access.
  5. Proceed to lay on my bed in sexy body suit while massaging my clit with my vibrator… right up until the moment that he walks in my door and finds me there.

When he walked in the room to find me laying on my bed wearing a fishnet body suit and playing with my very swollen clit, he immediately reached for his belt buckle.  His clothes came off in record speed, while I was laying there, telling him that I needed him to help me cum.  Within a moment, he was kneeling on the bed next to me, bringing his cock to my mouth and taking in the visual display that I had put on for him.  I started sucking and licking his cock while continuing to massage my clit with the vibrator, looking up at him with mischievous eyes while I moaned in pleasure, causing a vibration on my lips while they were wrapped around his cock.  His head tilted back and I could hear his satisfied groan while his hips tensed up.  He looked down towards my pussy, and I knew what was coming next.

Flanders moved down to the edge of the bed, spreading my legs apart and sliding his fingers up and down my clit and lips before slipping his finger inside of me.  He looked down at me with a smile and commented on how wet I was.  I never told him this, but I had been edging my orgasm for about 20 minutes before he showed up, which is a long time for a woman who knows how to get herself off.  Typically speaking, if I want to make myself orgasm quickly before I fall asleep at night, it usually takes me 3 minutes maximum to make it happen.  But I knew that in this case the reward would be worth it, and I quickly discovered that I was right when I he moved up on top of me and slipped his cock inside me.

The moment that I felt the pressure of his cock on my G spot, my body could handle it no more, and I basically started cumming almost immediately. ¬†I think Flanders was a little shocked to see me tense up and moan with so much passion so quickly into it, but I’m sure it also turned him on to see what his cock does to me. ¬†He started pumping against my body, burying his face in my neck while I could feel the pressure deep inside of me start to release, followed by the sensation of my lubrication surrounding his cock. ¬†Mmmmm… just the memory of this encounter really gets my lady boner going. ¬†For all of you readers who wonder if I get just as riled up when writing as you do when reading, the answer is yes. ¬†From time to time, I have to take little breaks to play with my clit and release some of the tension. ¬†And yes, I just took one of those breaks.

Next, I told Flanders that I wanted him to give it to me from behind, and I positioned my ass in the air at the edge of the bed. ¬†The pressure that I felt when he slid inside of me was heavenly, and again my body responded by tensing up while my vagina gripped down around his cock. ¬†I imagined how it must have felt for him to look down and watch his cock pound in and out of me while my ass was wrapped up in purple fishnet stocking. ¬†You have to admit that it’s a pretty sexy visual! ¬†But I didn’t think about it for long, because within moments I felt the pressure building inside of me while I grabbed a fistful of bed sheets, feeling Flanders balls slapping against my body while his cock was drilling into me. ¬†Some guys really know how to fuck a woman doggy style, and Flanders is certainly one of those guys. ¬†And for any of you Guys who are wondering what a woman considers to be the best doggy style sex, I need you to think about this for a moment: any woman who is going to allow you to bend her over and take her from behind probably enjoys being dominated, even just a little bit. ¬†So if you bend a woman over like you’re going to “give it to her”, and then proceed to just stick your cock inside and gently move it around a little, you’re going to have one disappointed partner. ¬†Trust me, I totally have a story on that, but I’ll get to it later.

Flanders told me to lay down on my back, because he wanted to see my face while he came. ¬†That’s the thing about him – he understands how much I enjoy watching a man while his body tenses up and all of his senses take over while he experiences bliss inside of me. ¬†It really is the best part. ¬†He started pumping away at me again, but I could tell that he was almost debating whether or not he wanted to orgasm yet. ¬†He was close, but he was also in his head a little, so I did the only thing that a girl can do when she wants to help her partner get there. ¬† I looked up at him and told him how badly I wanted to feel him unload his cock inside of me, and it didn’t take too long to happen after that. ¬†He pushed himself in and out of me a few short times while groaning and gripping onto my hips, his cock moving in deeper while I could feel it pulse, and suddenly a burst of lubrication was covering his cock while he pushed in and out a few times more. ¬†He looked down at me with a dazed grin while we both tried to catch our breath, and I could feel his cock inside of me pulsing. ¬†The moment that he pulled it out, literally a stream of his cum gushed out of me and all over my sheets. ¬†He looked back and me and smiled “yeah, I gave you a pretty big load.” ¬†And that right there is a moment that I will always treasure in my spank bank, folks.

We rested on my bed for a few minutes, but it didn’t take long before my fingers were finding their way around his cock again. ¬†You see, Flanders and I had discussed something earlier in the day that intrigued me, and I was curious about whether or not he truly wanted to go there. ¬†I asked him if he wanted to play with me in the shower, and he told me that he did. ¬†I’m pretty sure at this point he knew exactly where it was going, but it’s hard to say since I can’t read minds.

We stepped into the bathroom together while I ran the hot water, reaching inside the shower door to adjust the temperature. ¬†I could feel him behind me, running his fingers along my back, putting his hands on my hips. ¬†I slipped the fishnet bodysuit off while he continued to caress me, and I remember thinking to myself how nice that felt. ¬†And then we were stepping into my shower together, letting the water wash over us while I continued stroking his very hard cock. ¬†Luckily for us, there is a little built in bench in my shower, which makes shower sex extremely easy, since all I have to do is put one foot up on the bench to give full access from behind ūüėČ

He slipped his cock inside of me, and a wave of pleasure washed over me once again while I felt him go deeper and deeper, filling me to the brink and shooting pleasure through my veins. ¬†In that moment, I knew that this was the absolute perfect time to take things to the next level. ¬†I told him to wait in the shower while I stepped into the bathroom, searching my cupboards for the secret ingredient, but it wasn’t there. ¬†I rummaged through the drawers in my dresser, and finally found what I was looking for: a bottle of lube. ¬†And when I stepped back into the shower, I started massaging his cock with the slippery liquid before I put my foot back up on the bench, giving him direct access from behind so that he could put it in my ass.

You see, Flanders had disclosed that he had never experienced anal sex before, which I thought was a real shame. ¬†For one thing, he has the perfect size cock for anal sex. ¬†It’s not overwhelmingly large, and he doesn’t have a massive mushroom tip. ¬†In fact, this is one of those times where I have to point something out when it comes to the Fellas and their size. ¬†Truthfully, guys like Flanders have the very best cocks. ¬†Sure, there are guys out there with massive cocks who can reach places that have never been reached before, but guys like Flanders are a triple threat: you can deep throat him, you can fuck him in any position, and you can have anal sex with him. ¬†It doesn’t get much better than that.

So there we were in the shower, me instructing him to put the tip of his cock into my ass first, feeling him slowly sliding it inside of me. ¬†Of course, it’s been a very long time since the last time I had good anal sex, and the key is to really take it slow. ¬†As soon as I felt comfortable and relaxed with how far he had it in, I told him to put it in just a little more, and he would. ¬†This process only took maybe a few minutes before his entire cock was inside of my asshole, and he was slowly sliding in and out of me. ¬†I’m going to be honest – I really love anal sex when it’s done right, and this case it was. ¬†He started getting more and more comfortable as I encouraged him to give it to me, and next thing you know I could feel the pressure building up inside of me, and I knew that I was going to experience the first anal orgasm that I’d had in years. ¬†Through my moaning and sighing, I asked him if he liked fucking my tight little asshole, and he groaned out a “yes.” ¬†Suddenly, his pumps became faster but more shallow, and he asked me if he could cum inside of me. ¬†I told him that he could, and within moments his cock was bursting inside of me again, only this time on the other side.

After exiting the shower, Flanders fucked me on my bed for just long enough to get a couple more orgasms out of me, before we both finally admitted to being completely fucked out. ¬†We rested up for a moment or two before collecting our clothes, preparing to go back to reality. ¬†When I walked him to the door, he kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the great time, while commenting that we should actually hang out some time and not just have sex. ¬†I told him that I was pretty sure that we had said this before, but it’s basically impossible for us to do anything else when we’re alone together. ¬†And is that really such a bad thing?

Sometimes having a casual partner is exactly what a person needs in their life, at least for a time. ¬†In fact, sometimes I ask myself why I even bother trying to look for something deeper, when casual relationships can make me feel so satisfied. ¬†But in the end, connections like these always have a shelf life, you just don’t know how long that is until things unfold. ¬†In any case, that was one fucking sexy encounter, and not one that I’ll be forgetting any time soon! ¬†Until next time…











  1. Hey Peaches,
    Once again an awesome cock hardening, cum worthy description, Flanders is one lucky boyūüėä. No posts in quite some time, everything ok with you? Keep living life large with no regrets hun!

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