The Vagina Chronicles Volume 24: Luscious Redhead


The Vagina Chronicles Volume 24: Luscious Redhead

A few months after my relationship with Timmy ended, I made a pretty big life decision that altered the entire course of my life: I adopted an 8 week old Boxer puppy, and named him Ruger.  The thing was, I already had a dog named Penny, who was a 12 pound fluffy mix of God only knows what (I think she was a puppy mill special, to tell you the truth), so in my mind, I felt like I knew perfectly well how to handle a dog.  However, as any person who has ever owned dogs would be able to tell you, there is a really big difference between a small fluffy dog, and a Boxer.  Holy shit.

I brought Ruger home to my 500 square foot one bedroom apartment, and realized almost instantly the error in my ways.  That little puppy was born to piss and shit everywhere, and man did he do it well.  I would spend all hours of the day, running up and down the stairs with him, to get him outside before he would have another accident on the floor.  And even then, there were still accidents all over the floor.  Not only that, but that puppy did not sleep through the night at all.  I literally had to set a timer to go off every two hours in the night, so I could take him out of his crate while he was still semi-asleep, and get him to pee on the grass.  If I didn’t stick to this routine, the result would be him waking up on his own, whining at the top of his little puppy lungs, and forcing me to get up and take him outside.  But by that time, he would be fully awake, and there would be no chance in hell of us going back to sleep.  Bringing that little guy home was very much like becoming a new Mom, and I had no idea what I was in for.

Of course, Boxers are highly energetic dogs that require a ton of outside time to run and play.  So what’s a girl to do in a tiny apartment with no back yard?  It meant waking up at 5:30am every morning, so that I had enough time to exhaust some of his energy before going to work.  Man, that dog was so much work, but he was worth every single second of it all.  He was such an incredible dog, and I absolutely adored him.

In fact, I adored him so much, that I decided that I needed to find a way to provide him with a big back yard.  Only problem with that is, I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country for real estate, and would never be able to afford a yard in Victoria.  However, I could afford a house with a yard in a smaller little town, about 45 minutes outside of Victoria.  And next thing you know, I found myself buying a tiny house that was built in the 1940’s, on a lot that was a quarter of an acre.  Now my beloved dog had  huge fenced yard to rip around in, and he looked pretty damn gallant when he did.  Ruger loved to let the entire neighborhood know that this yard was his yard.

Anyways, the point is, one day I was just sitting in my back yard, minding my own business, when a couple of guys I’ve known since forever stopped by, since they were passing through town.  We hung out in the yard and had a few drinks, smoked a few joints, and next thing you know, I was agreeing to come back to town with them to go to a costume party.  And since I didn’t actually have a costume that I could wear, I just wore some coconut shells over a tank top, which worked out perfectly, because people just called me “Coconuts” all night.

It wasn’t a huge party, there were maybe 30 or 40 people there.  However, not too long after we arrived at the house, I found my way to the bathroom, and had just stepped in the door, when a girl suddenly came in with me and locked the door behind us.  She was this tall, slim, absolutely stunning red head, with freckles and bright green eyes.  She looked at me and started giggling, then explained that she was trying to hide from a friend, and wondered if I didn’t mind her coming in with me?  I really didn’t mind at all – I’ve peed in front of so many people, and let’s be honest, I have very little shame.

After I was done peeing, we participated in the typical girl friend ritual, and stood in front of the mirror, messing with our hair and make up.  She was wearing this incredibly sexy super woman costume, and one of the hooks on her corset had come undone, so she asked me if I would fix it.  With her back turned to me, I couldn’t help but notice how perfect her body was.  She was curvy in all the right places, with a beautiful little round booty.  And right then and there, I realized that I was crushing on this girl pretty badly.

The thing is, there are very few women who have turned me on the way that I felt turned on by this girl.  Obviously, the woman who will always have my heart the most is Jill, since she and I experienced something together that was the ultimate sexual freedom.  However, I couldn’t help but steal glances at the Redhead after our bathroom encounter, and eventually she and I went outside to smoke a joint and got to chatting.  She was there with her boyfriend, and it sounded like their relationship was a pretty serious one.  She kept talking about how she wanted to marry him one day, and told me all about how she had a wedding all planned out already.  I listened and smiled at all the appropriate times, but in my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about how badly I wanted to kiss her.

For some reason, our first bathroom encounter set the stage for the evening, and every time after that when one of us needed to go, the other would follow, and we would do the whole hair and make up thing again.  Only she didn’t know that I had ulterior motives for going to the bathroom with her.  I wanted to separate her from the boyfriend, so that I could find out if she had any bi-sexual tendencies.  I started asking her if she thought I was hot, which isn’t an out of the norm conversation for two girls to have (although it’s an incredibly stupid and shallow conversation for two girls to have, but I had a game plan, so don’t judge me).  Of course, her answer was something like “Of course!  What are you talking about?” Then I asked her what parts about me she thought were sexy.  This was a trick question.  I know exactly which parts of me are sexy, and I know which parts are typically first noticed, and I was hoping that she would name them.  Sure enough, she gave me this cute little smile and told me that I had really beautiful lips.  And as soon as those words came out of her mouth, I put one hand around her waist, and asked her if she wanted to kiss them.  She gasped a little, suddenly realizing what she had gotten herself into, and with a thick voice told me that yes, she wanted me to kiss her.

Kissing the Redhead was something out of a dream – she also had these big beautiful lips, and they felt like velvet on mine.  I didn’t want to push the envelope too hard, but I also wanted to touch her so badly.  Fuck, she was just so hot.  My hands were around her waist, as we stood there making out in the bathroom, and I slowly moved one hand up her back, while the other moved down to her bottom, which was the most amazing butt I’ve ever grabbed.  She was into it – and started exploring my body with her hands as well, sliding one of them up my shirt and underneath the coconuts.

When we broke apart, we were both red in the face, and breathing pretty hard.  She looked like she was in shock, and maybe she was – sometimes it can be a little shocking for a girl the very first time that they’re turned on by another girl.  Those can be some confusing feelings, and Ladies, my only suggestion in these kinds of situations is this: follow your gut, and go with what you’re doing, if it feels right.  Hooking up with another girl does not make you gay, and even if it did – so what?  Your sexuality is meant to be explored, and if you can get off the very most when you’re with another woman, why not explore that?  If anyone judges you for it, just understand that it’s their problem, not yours, and you really should have zero fucks to give when it comes to what other people think.

After that hot make out session in the bathroom, she had it for me bad, and I knew it.  I joined a group of people that were playing the “have you ever” game for shots, and as soon as she saw me there, she came over and started playing, too.  She put the question out there “have you ever had sex with another woman?”  Which of course meant that I was taking a shot.  But it also stirred some interesting conversation around the table.  I just sat there and played dumb, while she eyed me down with those beautiful green eyes of hers.

Only problem was, I think her boyfriend was starting to notice how much attention was coming my way, and he was actually looking a little nervous about it.  He kept trying to keep her away from me, and even told another guy at the party that I was “dangerous,” which I found kind of amusing.  Unfortunately, she ended up going home with her boyfriend not too long after that, but before she left, she quickly asked me for my phone number, and I put it in her phone.  I never thought I would actually hear from that girl again.

A few weeks later, I got a text message from her asking if I wanted to see her again.  You already know the answer to that – of course I wanted to see that beautiful creature again.  We made a plan for her to come out to my house for the evening, under the pre-tense that she would get to meet my puppy, Ruger.  But when she finally arrived, there was very little visiting with the puppy.  It was almost as though we had both been holding in the tension that left with us after the party, and now we were finally going to get a chance to act on it, without her boyfriend around.

We started making out again, and I remember giving her lip a gentle bite, which must have really turned her on, because that was when our clothes started coming off.  I lead her into my bedroom, and laid her down on my bed, so that I could stand back and admire her beautiful body.  She truly was one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen, but maybe I’m biased since I got to see so much more of her.  I climbed onto the bed with her, and we laid there together, making out, for quite some time.  I think we both needed to feel totally comfortable with each other before what happened next.

I started to circle her nipples with my finger tip, as they slowly got hard under my touch.  Then I trailed my finger along her torso, down her body, until I reached her clitoris.  I started circling it, too, just like I had done with her nipples.  The Redhead was pretty turned on by this, I could tell, because she was starting to get wet already.  And when I lowered my body down to give her oral sex, the sound that came out of her mouth was like music to my ears.  She had these sweet, soft little moans, while my tongue slid up and down her vagina.  And after a while, her legs started trembling, while her moans got louder, and suddenly she sat upright while her entire body clenched, and next thing I knew, she was cumming like crazy.  Beautiful, thick white liquid came gushing out of her, and I’ll never forget the mental image of her sitting there with her mouth wide open, eyes glassy, and complete and total pleasure written across her face.  She reached down and started to stroke my hair, while she tried to catch her breath.

Now, she probably thought that I was done with getting her off, but that was so far from the truth, she had no idea.  After that first orgasm, I pulled out the one and only toy that I had at that time, which was a vibrator that came back with me from Joe’s house (eventually Ruger found it and it got thoroughly destroyed… nothing like coming home to find your dog trotting around the house with a chewed up vibrator in his mouth).  I used the clit attachment to start playing with her again, and it took only a few minutes before another orgasm came crashing in.  Fuck, I really loved getting this girl off.

  Honestly, getting her off would have been enough for me, and I could have easily stopped right there and called it one of the best nights ever.  Instead, she told me that she had never gone down on a girl before, but she wanted to try with me – as long as I understood that she was nervous and had no idea what to do.  Of course I could empathize, since I remember my own personal experience the first time I performed oral sex on a woman.  From there, she started to play around a little, but it was quickly obvious that she really didn’t know what to do, which begged the question: “when you play with yourself, what do you do?”  She kind of shrugged and told me that she didn’t play with herself very often.  She had been in a relationship from the time that she was 16 or 17, so her boyfriend was always the person that got the job done.  In essence, the Redhead had never truly gotten to know her own vagina, and therefore could not relate to mine.  I realized that this needed to be corrected immediately, since there is no point living a life full of sorrow, which is what I imagine life to be without knowing your own vagina.

From there, she and I laid beside each other on my bed, and I instructed her on how to maximize her pleasure by getting to know her parts.  She had absolutely no idea where her G spot was (about 2 inches from the opening of the vagina), or what it was supposed to feel like (soft, squishy, and ribbed), and had never understood the importance of the nerves that run between the clitoris and the G spot.  You see, the best way to get off, at least vaginally, is to use the G spot inside the vagina, as well as the clitoris.  I mean, most people understand that the clitoris is the pleasure button, but what some people don’t know, is that it’s basically the mainframe of all possible pleasure points.  And if you use it in conjunction with the G spot… holy shit.  I can almost 100% gurantee you that the women who squirt the most, are the women who are experts at stimulating these two areas simultaneously.

Anyways, the Redhead and I had a lot of fun while we laid there playing together, but eventually we ended up parting ways that evening, since she had to go home to her boyfriend, who had no idea where she was.  And sadly, that was the last time that I ever saw that girl.  But truly, I can’t feel too broken up about it, because we had an amazing time, and I feel confident that her mind was opened to new things during our rendezvous.  However, I will say this: if I ever saw that girl again, there is a 100% chance that I would hit on her, because she was incredibly hot, and I loved watching her get off.  These are the types of connections that are one in a million, so take my advice, and let them happen when they come, you won’t regret it.


  1. This is too hot!!

  2. Amazing story so well written!
    Thanks you for sharing!

  3. That’s so crazy hot. Especially because I have a weakness for redheads. Wow

  4. Imagine my surprise when I read this and quickly realized that your luscious redhead was a woman. It’s my first time on your blog so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being a luscious male redhead and having an insatiable desire for my fellows with a tinge of the ginge’ on the fringe I can completely understand your desire to bring this luscious creature into your bed.

    By the way, I love your writing. Thanks for sending the link to me when I requested it.

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